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SYSCON industrial insultation's divisionfocus mainly on industrial insulation and fireproofing works for industrial facilities. Our project management team with vast experience in insulation projects in various plants across the Kingdom. Over the years SYSCON has emerge as a reputable insulation and fireproofing contractor.

SYSCON are carrying out insulation projects for piping, vessels, tanks and equipment on various Aramco, Sabic, Maaden Plants. SYSCON's knowledge in all realms of energy conservation and their extensive resources in both skilled manpower and modern equipment, place them amongst the top industrial contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Attention is given to professionalism, quality, service and above all safety when working in a potentially hazardous environment.

SYSCON’s project team is fully aware of application requirements for Fendolite MII, Durasteel, Promatect and other products manufactured by PROMAT/CAFCO, Pyrocrete Fireproofing products manufactured by Carboline, PITTCHAR XP manufactured by PPG ,CHARTEK& INTERCHAR Fireproofing products manufactured by INTERNATIONAL PAINTS.

We execute insulation work including:

  •   Acoustic Insulation: Soundproofing a material or equipment to insulate it from the disturbances caused by external sound sources
  •   Hot Insulation: Common materials used are Rockwool, Calcium Silicate
  •   Cold Insulation: Polyurethane, PIR, FiberTec®
  •   Dual Use Insulation: Perlite, Foamglas®
  •   Fireproofing