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To ensure customer satisfaction our telecom business unit is committed to delivering quality projects according to international standards. This is manifested by the projects we have done that demonstrate the adoption of best work practices to achieve high performance levels in telecom projects. Our services include:

Wireless and Microwave projects.

  •   Survey and design.
  •   Installation of GSM antenna, BTS, RRU, MW antenna, ODU, IDU, power system and fiber.
  •   Integrate the wireless and MW equipment’s.
  •   PAT preparation and site Hand over.
  •   Operation and maintenance.
  •   Minor civil work, Antenna mount, cable tray and Roxtic.

    OSP projects.
  •   Survey and design.
  •   Material procurement.
  •   Project management.
  •   Overhead and underground construction.
  •   Cable splicing and testing.
  •   Joint trench utility.
  •   Railroad installation.

    IBS projects.
  •   Survey an design.
  •   Planning
  •   Implementation
  •   Supply
  •   Coverage Testing
  •   PAT.

    Fixed Network Projects.
  •   Survey.
  •   Installation, Dismantling commissioning of (MDU’s, OLT, WDM, OTN, MW, NE, MSAN, OSN…)
  •   PAT

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